So many unanswered questions regarding SA schools opening

By Mmabore

All grades are back to school with other children going to school in different days to adhere to lockdown rules. Some schools in rural areas were closed since lockdown with no communication between teachers and learners. Most of the learners started getting school work in August 2020 while other school children in urban areas or private schools had school work since March 2020 taking advantage of technology. As per Department of Education there won’t be pass one pass all. What does that mean? Are certain chapters going to be skipped? Will school children be overloaded with work? Will the children be able to cope until exams? Will the teachers and children be able to cover the syllabus? What will the results of those children who started school in August look like? Will this affect children from disadvantaged backgrounds badly? Are teachers in rural areas overloaded with work too? What are the teachers organisation say? Will this inequality end? Will this affect parents too?

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