Sefikile parents bemoan lack of consultation in reopening of schools and not happy with going back to work

by Amo Tshabalala

I have listened with disappointment the speech of the Minister of Education, Mrs Angy Motshegwa, that our kids have to go back to school when workers are still at home. There is even a time table on when learners are going back to school. Do we have a say on what the government decides or not? Since this COVID 19 is deadly, I think we as parents should be consulted as the risk is high. Do we have a say on matters affecting our lives? The community of Sefikile is more concerned about their children since they are going back to school and some parents feel like they should wait for the virus infections to recede before their kids could go back to school, saying that they should be consulted and have a say about their children’s well being.

Meanwhile, the opening of mines in Sefikile community worries us because of the health risk posed to our families. However, somehow feel that we have nothing to do since everyone else is going back to work and if you try to voice your concerns you will get fired. As for our families depend on us and we can’t disappoint them by not going back to work. We have to go back to work even if we don’t like it due to the obtaining crisis and we just hope that all necessary steps will be taken for our safety and also that of our families.No one answered but all in one said they shod be cancelled at ones for protection of their kids. They said it themselves that it is going to be bad for kids to distance them towards each other as they used to be close to each other and friends to each other.

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