Road Rehabilitation in Sefikile Community as Ubumbano Trainings Bear Fruits


From my last year’s project of the internal road/main access road that was in a very bad condition is now being fixed and the good news about that is that the mine read my story and decided to ask for a meeting to meet with me Amo and the Sefikile community council as the mine is well aware that we are working together to take the community forward and develop it. On that meeting the council made the mine aware that am busy writing another story about the cracked houses that was caused by the mine as we never had a problem of cracked houses before the mine came. On that date, the 30th of August 2019, we spoke about a lot of things, project that was supposed to have been given to the Sefikile community but was never delivered. However, we have started communicating about such projects and how it should be going forward. Projects like:
1: Salvage yard
2: Land fill
3: Organic farming

At last, the mine promised that everything that was and is meant for us, they will make sure these are given to us before end of this year. It is all written in paper that it is what is exactly going to happen as there is proof that all those projects belong to the Sefikile community and that it is part of the SLP that the mine need to comply with.

As for the main road that was in a bad condition, after reading Amo’s story, there is an internal road project and the good thing about it is that it is Amo who is monitoring it since from last. As activists taking our communities to the level where it should be is our vision and our mission is for us to be there when all is happening,witnessing it all being successful.

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