Public health crisis reprieve for Matobo community as Ndabankulu Clinic opens doors to the public

By Langelihle Gwebu and Descent Dube

It was an occasion of jubilation and high spirits at the officially opening of Ndabankulu Clinic in Matobo Ward 4 on Friday.

The development was brought by World Vision in partnership with Matobo Rural District Council (MRDC) in a bid to address the dire challenges faced by the community members who walked 25 and 30km to Maphisa Hospital and Homestead Clinic respectively, to access
health services.

The project cost amounted to a total of around USD $250 000. World Vision worked hand in glove with the MRDC to ensure the project was completed. The MRDC Chief Executive Officer Mr Elvis Sibanda commended the immense contribution made by the former as they completed “the super structure, the staff quarters and also equipped the clinic”

“The community of Ndabankulu has proved to be a winning team with their councilor and the traditional leaders. The community’s development structures, the clinic committee and their builders who were always hands on, guided by Makha Dube from World Vision,” said Sibanda.

“Dube demonstrated his love for rural development, he was always on the ground monitoring this project. This is a clear response to the National Development Strategy 1 which emphasizes that no one should be left be￾hind; the community was always present in this project,” the MRDC CEO said. The Ministry of Health and Child Care also provided part of the clinic equipment, nurses and the installation of the solar equipment.

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