Nancholi residents worry over poor state of their road, as funds are diverted to other areas

By Mwayi Chintengo

Residents of Nancholi in Blantyre, Malawi have expressed anger over the state of the road which stretches from Manase Police Station along the Chikwawa road to Mpagaja village. The road which is in a dilapidated state undermines the smooth movement of people and goods. A well wisher offered to rehabilitate the road but Blantyre City Authorities said they already sourced funds to rehabilitate the road and the Councilor for Blantyre South Ward, Mr Kingsley Mbewe, also confirmed the development. A few months later when people enquired from the Councilor on when the road works will start, they were shocked to be told that funds for the road were being used to rehabilitate roads in other areas and the Councilor said there is nothing he can do other than wait for the next allocation. This has made the residents angry and worried on the allocation of resources which is discriminatory.

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