Money pose risk of the spread of coronavirus

By Mmabore Mogashoa

I went to one fast food outlet and I realized the risk of handling money during the pandemic. People use money in shops, public transport etc. Social distancing was maintained, temperature checked and sanitized. When paying the cashier used a tray to collect money and issue change. I realized that some just continue eating the food without washing their hands. In public transport if you are at the back you give the next person money until it reaches to the driver. There is no sanitization after handling money. With this kind of risk, there should be a better way of doing business so that consumers do not end up infected when getting change. We send our children to the shops, markets etc and no one wash/ sanitize hands before and after handling money. People who are selling in the street are also at risk as most of them do not wear cloves. Is there a way to keep money away from germs and viruses? Will the only way to solve the problem be to go digital?

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