Mixed feelings over reopening of schools

by Rapule Moiloa

Interacting with someone regarding school reopening in South Africa to hear her views and how she feels about her kid going back to school I realised that some parents feel that in as far as they dont want their children to miss out on their studies, they are worried about their safety as the number of coronavirus cases continue to rise. She said that it is very unfortunate that the pandemic has put a stop not only on education but everything so all she could say is that it is not yet safe for children to go back to school.

On another note…people have different ways of understanding the same thing and it’s problematic. I have realised that in many places a lot of people do not have the same understanding of social distancing. Looking at the informal traders out side Palm Springs Mall failing to maintain social distance is worrying because some of the people won’t be putting on face masks and the question is if adults fail to keep social distance what about the children?

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