Illegal mining activities destroy houses in Newcastle

By Nothando Dube

Illegal mining in Newcastle at Blaaubosh has destroyed some of the community houses. These illegal miners started to operate in this place in 1984 till now. Those people dig coal and sand they use to make a blocks stean and they sell them to get money to survive since there are no job opportunities and they also sell this coal and sand. So what happened some of them passed away because they dig these coal underground and the ground fell on them. And when we ask them to live this job they said they can’t because this is the way they survive. So it is so painfully because they dig nearby communities. Community houses cracked and these communities are afraid of the cracked houses and they say they are in danger because these houses may fall anytime. And they said they don’t have money to move from this place. They said they reported this matter to many people including DMR, municipality and government but nothing happened those people came and see these places and promise to relocate them since they are in danger but till now no one did that. That means they made empty promises. So now what’s happening is that we are trying to find help for these affected community as we are Sisonke organisation though it’s difficult.

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