Illegal mining activities are a cause for concern for Emhlangeni community

by Yollander Millin

Emhlangeni residents in Bulawayo Ward 3 have implored Bulawayo City Council to address the issue of illegal mining activities taking place in the residential area. According to informants, the area is now very dangerous as it is full of open pits and there are no street lights to help them see at night. “We are worried about our children when they are playing and for our safety as well when we come from work at night, people can fall in and be hurt, or even die if this goes on unaddressed”, one of the residents complained. In response, the city council indicated that it had noted the concern and has committed to engaging the multi-stakeholders to address this issue. The formalization of the artisanal mining sector is also a long-overdue solution that will address the majority of challenges caused by illegal mining activities.

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