Here is a student afraid of contracting COVID-19

A young boy aged 15 in grade 10 said that his educational program is affected by something he does not know. He said, ” I am very scared because more people are dying because form COVID- 19, I am scared to go to school when people are dying and a time where learners in other provinces have tested positive of the virus and as a high school student I’m worried that I am going to repeat the same grade. What makes me even more scared is that i must go back to school not knowing what to expect and i heard that already there are reports that two schools in Diepkloof have learners who have tested positive. A relative of mine is going to one of the schools and his friend in another i am not sure if I must go to school I am afraid.”

Meanwhile, safety is something that is on peoples minds since the outbreak of COVID-19 and no one wants to risk their lives and their loved ones. The Taxi industry in Joburg are making sure to sanitize and write the names of passengers, contact details to allow for contact tracing as a means of helping in curbing the spread of the pandemic. Taxi drivers are at the fore front of ensuring the mobility of citizens across the country. The Taxi industry is part of the essential services no matter how much problems the industry is facing.

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