Chinese unstoppable

by Tinashe Muzama

The Chinese Freestone bought this place alongside Dangamvura Watertank in Mutare, Zimbabwe to mine quarry. Nobody really knows the Terms and Conditions involved in the purchase. A closer look at the image depicts that they have started clearing and putting their electricity for them to benefit. Legally this should be done 50km away from the residents since they want to blast explosives. This will cause cracking of houses nearby, Air Pollution and might also disturb the new waterpipes erected a few weeks ago, worse still open pits. The million dollar question is, how were they given the licence by the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, certificate from the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) as well as a social license from the Chief? Residents need answers. Are they going to do any development in the area? What percentage are residents benefiting? We demand responsible and sustainable investment.

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