Chikwawa District Council fails to pay employees 7 months salary arrears

By Emmanuel Alufazema

Some of the Chikwawa District Council concerned workers said that they are devastated with what they call their employer’s failure to pay them their seven months salary arrears.

According to the workers, especially those who clean up in the street, they have not been paid for seven months and are worried because the council keeps on changing dates of promises to pay them.

Commenting on the issue, Chikwawa District Commissioner (DC) Ali Phiri admitted this saying they have salary arrears to settle for some of its junior employees. Phiri said the arrears are for three months not seven months as the workers are starting.

The DC further claims that the council is struggling financially hence failure to settle down salary arrears for the workers.

`A timely provision of making payments to these concerns workers will help them to buy food and other daily necessities in life.

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