Camping for R 350

by Rapule Moiloa

Since the announcement that unemployed people will get R 350 for six months but to these day its not everyone who received the promised R 350.

When these R 350 thing started people got text messages advising them to where to go to get the R 350 but few people got these money and other people’s applications declined due to irp5 registration with Sars and other reasons.

Te sad thing that i heard and surprised me is when people started to camp out side post offices as early as midnight its risky to walk a distance with out a taxi fare only to be in the que.

People are unemployed, desperate, valnerable and if they don’t camp in the early hours of the morning because the que will be long and they come from different areas.

A day about 140 people are assisted at the post office and if one does not camp it means they’ll be at the back of the que way back these could lead to camping again.

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