Born without penis

By Violet Nakamba

FOR nine years of his life on earth, Norman Nicks (not real name) of Chinkantata has been subjected to pain and discrimination from friends and relatives because he was born without a penis.

Norman’s predicament is a rare occurrence globally.

In 2019, a baby was born in Turkey without a penis in a birth defect considered so rare it was thought to strike only one in 30 million boys. The baby’s defect is known as penile agenesis. Only 80 cases have ever been recorded in scientific literature.

For Norman, his condition has been known to the University Teaching Hospital since birth and nothing has been done to help the young lad live a normal life.

The young boy discharges urine from what appears like a wound on the area of his manhood.

Norman who is originally from Chikankata was brought to the UTH on November 14, 2021 by some good Samaritan.

The boy was admitted to the hospital and underwent a physical examination. However, UTH discharged the boy without a clear indications.

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