Being black is not a sin

by By Mmabore Mogashoa

My heart is broken
My heart is bleeding
Killed for being black
It’s just a natural color
Something you won’t wash away
Something that does not lose its quality

Only the creator knew why he made others black and others white
One artist even said “Different colors, one people”
Meaning we are all created equally
And equal in the eyes of the creator

Being black is not a sin
Being black doesn’t mean I have no rights

Being black does not mean I am a slave

Being black does not mean I lack intelligence
I am black, that is my nature
I have rights
I am proud of who I am
Racism in 2020?
That is heart breaking
Do you think the world doesn’t belong to blacks too?
Will you survive without us? Well no!
You need to learn to live with us
Respect us
We are humans like you
Does anyone feel threatened by others being black?
George Floyd deserved to live
Why kill him?
Why didn’t they help?

Being black is not a sin
And being black is not a disgrace
It is a gift from the creator

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