Abuse of Njengo alcohol by Nguboyenja youths

By Jane Nkiwane

It has been noted with great concern by Nguboyenja residents that youths in this high density surbub, have turned the abuse of alcohol into a recreational sport.

Speaking to the publication, a local resident, Sifiso Nkomo said ” Youths are abusing this spirit alcohol called Njengo. Its is very cheap it costs about $1 usd so even the unemployed young people can afford it. But this thing has destroyed their lives.” he said.

Young people can be spotted in most street corners and shoping centers seating in groups abusing the substance.

Most of this Ngengo alcohol is imported from neighboring countries like Zambia and Mozambique. The drug lords are making a killing at the expense of the young children.

Thuba Mlilo (24) a youth from Nguboyenja said alcohol is the only activity that keeps him busy since he is unemployed ” It is better to spend my day drinking Njengo, than to just idle around i will end up thinking about my problems as an unemployed youth.” he said.

Alcohol abuse contributes to anti socila behavior like violence and crime.

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